Art Deco Lighting Reimagined

Art Deco Lighting Reimagined

Instantly recognisable, striking and yet somewhat difficult to define, the Art Deco style simply oozes glamour. Emerging in the 1920s, all the rage in the 1930s and now reimagined for a new era, The Art Deco style has transcended a century of design. It has influenced everything from architecture to jewellery and continues to give us stunning lighting choices.

Trends come and go, often in the blink of an eye, ensuring that most styles and movements are very much of their time. One year’s must haves are quickly rejected in favour of the next big thing. Interior design can soon feel dated and then becomes yesterday’s news. So why is Art Deco still influencing the way we dress our homes?

The Roaring Twenties

It was in 1920s France that Art Deco surfaced as a recognisable decorative style. Its influence then spread rapidly across the globe. Architecture, fashion and lighting all fell under the spell of this most eclectic of movements.

Construction on The Chrysler Building, an Art Deco–style skyscraper, began in 1928. Image via Unsplash.

Art Deco was an exotic fusion of distinctive and disparate motifs. Art Nouveau, traditional folklore, the opulence of antiquity and metaphors of the industrial age were all reflected in the designs of the day. Something striking and new emerged which perfectly captured the spirit of the time and yet honoured the past.

Egyptian Opulence

Art Deco was evolving shortly after Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered. This event sparked a great interest in Egyptian culture and the incredible gold artefacts found in the various tombs. It is easy to see Egyptian influences in Art Deco design.

Angles and Facets

Strong angular details and bold geometric shapes are often features of Art Deco pieces. Chevrons and zigzags are frequently included. Striking juxtapositions of materials and colour deliver visual impact. Black elements are partnered with gold or silver while daring fusions of finishes are thrown into the mix. Depth, layers and generous proportions deliver eye-catching looks. Simple elements are combined to produce unique grandeur and impressive complexity.

Sculpture by Ralph Stackpole at 155 Sansome, the Stock Exchange Tower in San Francisco, California. The sculpture is of Art Deco style, incorporating familiar motifs, zig-zags, depth and layers. Image is PD via Wikimedia Commons [link].

Enduring popularity

Why does the Art Deco style feel so curiously current? Perhaps this is because the look is a marriage of many influences. The diverse elements of the style are drawn from across the ages. From classical antiquity to industrial mechanisation, Art Deco brings together contrasting imagery and unifies it. The result is timeless beauty which always feels as if it belongs. Art Deco lighting is no exception and will distinguish both period and modern homes.

Art Deco lighting for your home

If your home could benefit from a little Art Deco glamour, you will discover amazing choices in the O’Brien’s Lighting range. Seek out contrasting materials, colours and textures, angular forms, and stepped profiles. The Searchlight Bistro II collection would be a good place to start. Boasting textured glass, metallic elements and elegant forms, the lights lend Art Deco beauty to any room.

The Searchlight 3773 wall light captures the essence of the Art Deco style but in a contemporary design featuring LEDs. Contrasting textures come courtesy of chrome, glass and crystal while the geometric shape is pure 1930s!

The Searchlight 3773 wall light

The Art Deco style defies explanation, but you know it when you see it! The latest lighting collections showcase new interpretations of the look which will help to transform your interior.

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