Fresh lighting ideas for 2020

Fresh lighting ideas for 2020

We thought we would have a think about a few of the freshest fashions and developments in interior lighting which you might like to know about. If 2020 is the year that you are moving into a new place, or if you just fancy giving your current home a reinvigorating freshen-up, then these might be some of the ways in which you can do your thing! Of course, it all comes down to personal taste in the end, so you can always take your lighting and interior style in any direction you see fit, no matter what the trends are. But we find that keeping abreast of what’s going on with lighting style developments can be a good way of picking up new bursts of inspiration.

Rustic lighting

If you are looking to explore the rustic vibe in your home this year, either moving into a new place or redoing your current home, then the lights are going to have to play a part in this. It is all about the warmth with rustic lighting. You also want to think about the materials used too. Bronze and black worked into the stands or the frame, depending on what kind of lighting you are focusing on, can function really well to create a welcoming, cosy and rustic look this year.

The rustic EGLO 89898 Dionis wall light fitting.

The natural look

Not unrelated to that rustic look, you might want to think more about naturalistic materials in 2020. The approach of paring down home accessories to their foundational materials is only going to increase. This might be connected to the general momentum around the cutting back of all that is unnecessary, with plastics especially in mind. This economical approach (itself inspired by ecological thinking) might not have a direct correlation with the foregrounding of natural materials in lighting accessories. But it is connected to the growing love that we all now have for items in the home which highlight their own lack of adornment, with metals and wood being exposed and utilised to the highest degree.

A number of natural wooden light fittings by EGLO including the EGLO 96194 Sendero pendant hanging above the dining table.


Again, linking into the developing theme, it seems that refinement is becoming a bit of a buzz word of 2020 lighting. This means that perhaps some of those industrial looks are going to be key, but they will have taken on a slightly more understated look. The industrial look of old is now sleeker, and modern industrial, with its more refined sensibilities, has taken on a beautifully artistic look. You can use it to your advantage in 2020 not only as lighting but as a focal point in your rooms.

A contemporary light fitting with a nod to the industrial. This is the Searchlight 4613-3CC Voyager.


The geometric look should be strong in 2020. This might be a great time to go for that lighting accessory which you shied away from before. Geometric chandeliers and pendants are super on trend, but they also bring with them a look which doesn’t really go out of fashion. This mix of vintage and cutting edge vibes is something which makes these styles of lighting an absolute winner for this year.

The distinctive geometric shapes of the Searchlight 5701BK Voyager pendant light.

Soft tones

Another look which is doing big things at the moment centres around mellow tones such as grey, beige and soft gold. These finishes bring a sense both of calm and of sophistication, making them absolutely perfect for many a modern home. Whether you want to carry this out with overhead soft gold fixtures, or a soft gold reading light, you will find that it might give your living space a new element of welcoming and relaxing peace.

Three soft-toned pendant light fittings grouped for maximum effect. The EGLO 94353 Sarabia.

Modern and Art Deco styles

It is true that doing the art deco or modern style interior look right has never been a bad thing. But we have noticed that it is really coming back in a serious way right now. This, we think, is because lighting has somewhat caught up with things. There have been sublime art deco interior design looks going on frequently for a good while, but now you can find home lighting which adds to this look. Indeed this relates to what we mentioned with the geometric look – it is going to be these kind of lighting designs which in 2020 can be put to use in some outstanding mid-century interior designs.

A contemporary art-deco inspired wall light fitting from EGLO. The EGLO 83119 Nemo.

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