Redesign your lighting without spending the Earth

Redesign your lighting without spending the Earth

How often have you visited someone’s home and not noticed the lighting, let alone admired it? – We thought so. Perhaps it’s even the case in your own home? If it is, then don’t worry because you are far from alone. In the rush to choose a new sofa, wallpaper or a modern kitchen, lighting can find itself

relegated to the interior design back burner and sometimes not even given a thought.

So you find your dream home, move in and get busy with the soft furnishings. Months later, the sofa looks fabulous and you have some amazing bedroom furniture but there are still bare light bulbs hanging from your ceilings. You’ve either forgotten about your lights or have been looking to create a spectacular effect but believe it is beyond your budget. Sound familiar?

Maybe it is time to think again because you can achieve amazing looks with lighting without spending the Earth. It is entirely possible to feature lighting which looks incredibly stylish and expensive but which in reality is actually affordable. Here’s a run down on how to create impact without breaking the bank.

Metallic elements

Metal doesn’t have to be precious to look expensive. Metallic shades boast a classy feel and they are currently right on-trend. The Searchlight 8683CU copper pendant offers a gleaming finish, interesting form and rich copper hue. Suspended over a kitchen island or dining table, this light could make all the difference to the space. A gorgeous metallic pendant has to be better than a bare lightbulb or a dated shade!

Copper pendant light fitting. SEARCHLIGHT 8683CU.
Searchlight’s 8683CU

Alternatively, make your lightbulb a feature of your display with the Searchlight 7271CU! The striking form of this pendant delivers instant impact and a designer feel without the designer price tag.

Abstract copper pendant light fitting Searchlight 7271cu
Searchlight’s 7271cu pendant light fitting.

Crystal doesn’t have to be costly

An extravagant crystal chandelier might be beyond your budget or your ceiling’s height, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a little sparkle into your lighting design. The stunning Ideal 052359 pendant would grace both traditional and contemporary homes with its wonderful simplicity and pretty crystals. But don’t miss the CLS CF7004, an attention-grabbing piece which would bring any living space to life.

Tall cylindrical crystal glass pendant light with glass surround - Ideal LUX 052359
Ideal’s LUX 052359

Feeling flush?

If your low ceilings rule out pendant lighting, flush fittings can be equally dramatic. You can use colour and form to create focal points for the room without a pendant in sight. If you feel that your space is still lacking impact, feature a floor lamp or table lamp to lift the look. Lamps also enable you to change the mood of the room in an instant and provide task lighting where you need it.

Brass finish floor lamp Searchlight 2028CU
A Searchlight floor lamp from our range, model 2028CU

Beautiful bulbs

You could dispense with shades and fancy fittings altogether by taking advantage of the decorative bulbs which are now available instead. Choose metallic or colourful suspension pendants and interesting bulbs, create groups with bulbs suspended at different heights and voila! You will have created a unique and memorable display that will never look dated. The top image in this article shows filament bulbs suspended in this fashion.

You really can work wonders with your lighting on a small budget. With a little imagination, it is possible to make lighting a stand-out feature of every room in the house without spending the Earth.

  • Header image via Pexels

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