Transform your bedroom with these lighting ideas

Transform your bedroom with these lighting ideas

Your bedroom is your special haven. It is also the only room that you will spend a great deal of time in when it is totally dark, completely bright and possibly somewhere in between.

Your lighting design should incorporate ambient, task, mood and accent lighting. But you don’t want to replicate the Blackpool illuminations in your home! Happily, it is possible to include all of the lighting effects that you need without cluttering the space.

Ambient lighting to savour

Ambient or general lighting would normally be provided by a ceiling light. This could also become a stylish or striking decorative feature of the space. Pendant lights can lend drama to your room and it is possible to showcase a stunning pendant or chandelier, even if your ceilings are low. when ceiling height is an issue, simply hang your light over your bed.

a pendant light suspended over the end of a double bed
A pendant light in use suspended over the bottom of a bed.

Sleek contemporary interiors suit the simplicity of spotlights which will also enhance the sense of space in your bedroom. Energy-saving LED spotlights can be positioned so as to ensure that there are no shady corners in larger rooms.

Changing the mood of the space

When dressing in the morning or doing your make-up, bright light is a must. But a more intimate ambiance is preferable after dark and will create the romantic and relaxing feel that you need. You could bring flexibility to your lighting by fitting a dimmer switch. Alternatively, a floor lamp will enable you to transform the mood of the room in an instant.

Task lighting for your bedroom

If you enjoy reading, a bedside lamp is essential. These could be understated pieces which don’t overly dominate the space or more dramatic lamps which deliver impressive visual impact to your bedroom. Compact designs will complement low ceilings or smaller spaces. However, small lamps will be lost in large rooms. Choose tall lamps to create balance in rooms with high ceilings.

Small lamps make great task lighting on a bedside table for activities such as reading. The Nordlux Cyclone table lamp from our range.

If your bedroom boasts a dressing table, place a lamp on the dresser or choose an illuminated mirror. Alternatively, if you are fitting spotlights to your ceiling, ensure that at least one of these is positioned directly over the dresser.

Accent lighting effects

There may be special features of your bedroom that deserve to be highlighted. Uplighters, downlighters, lamps and contour strips all provide directional lighting to accent decorative pieces and wall art. An attractive floor lamp will lend interest to a bland corner of a larger room or create a focal point for your space.

Lighting your cupboards

There’s nothing more annoying than having to fumble around a cupboard in search of an elusive piece. Consider lighting your cupboards to make life easier and to avoid having to switch on all of your other lights to see what you are doing.

It might be possible to incorporate lights into your cupboards. Sensor-operated wardrobe lights are energy-saving solutions as they will only illuminate when the cupboard doors are open. If you have chosen spotlights for your ceilings, positioning lights immediately above the wardrobe doors would be a simple solution to the problem.

Lighting for children’s bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms present the opportunity to have a little fun with your lighting. Colour change lights would be funky choices as would a starlight ceiling. Place a characterful lamp next to the bed and for small children, nightlights are essential inclusions.

A fun child’s light from our collection. The Eglo 92146 wall light with car decoration.

A bedroom can be both a practical and relaxing space. With carefully planned lighting, your room can be everything you need it to be and much more. Illuminating your room, setting the mood and providing stylish decorative features to enhance your décor, lighting is the finishing touch that makes all the difference.

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