The joys of a well-chosen reading light

The joys of a well-chosen reading light

Lights are a big part of the look and the feel of your home. There are those that you choose in order to light up a room in general. Then there are those which carry out a more specific function. Reading lights fall into the latter category; their purpose is to be placed in a convenient position for you to be able to read with comfort and ease. Not only that, but a stylish and effective reading light will also do a lot to improve the overall look of a room, adding some visual texture and cosy character to the mood of the space.

The importance of reading lights

Even when we think we have enough light to read, we may be straining our eyes to focus on the page if we do not have an adequate light source focused on what we are reading. This has a cumulatively negative effect, as it means that, over the years, we will be damaging our eye-sight. In this way, after years of straining our eyes, we will find that the simple pleasure of reading might become more difficult than it ever should have been.

Searchlight floor lamp positioned as a reading lamp. Searchlight 914cu floor lamp.

What you need to get to prevent this from occurring is a top quality reading light. Not only will this mean that you don’t strain your eyes, but it also will mean that you will be able to relax and read for a long time without getting any headaches. Whether it is to be placed in the corner of your living room by your favourite chair, on your bedside table, or in your study, the reading lamp is going to be a key feature to create your own little sanctuary in your home.

Different reading light ideas

Tall floor standing lamps are always a good option. Their height means that they can focus downwards on a wide range of areas, meaning that they are super convenient. They will also bring a level of minimalist elegance to the look of your room, as they often present a sleek, attractive design.

The Searchlight 914cu floor lamp.

Adjustable arm desk lamps are also well worth considering if you are looking for something to be placed up next to you on your desk. The key with the adjustable arm is that you can move the light about so that it focuses precisely on what it is that you are viewing on your desk. This gives it an advantage over the standard bedside or desk lamp which, though creating a lovely ambience, often offers a more diffuse light.

The Searchlight 2429bk table lamp.

For ultimate precision either by the bed or next to your chair positioned in the corner of a room, you can also go for a searchlight style wall light fitting. This will come straight out from the wall and be there to angle towards your book with ultimate precision. Alternatively, if you want to make a bit more a statement, there are many larger stylish designs such as overhang lights which offer a cool, vintage look, whilst also providing a useful reading light source.

The Searchlight 5921bw spot-light.

You might spend your work or your downtime writing, sketching, researching, reading your book, reading the newspapers, or getting on with many other activities which need careful focus. If this sounds like you, then a high quality, effective reading light is going to be absolutely crucial.

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