Create the Perfect Dining Room with Pendant Lighting

It is absolutely crucial to choose the correct type of lighting for your dining room. The nature of the light in this room is perhaps more important than in any other area of the home. After dark your choice of lighting will dictate the feel of the room, and ambiance is everything when it comes to dining – whether you are enjoying time with the family, a romantic meal for two or entertaining guests. Continue reading “Create the Perfect Dining Room with Pendant Lighting”

How to Create Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting

If you own your own home then you have probably spent a great deal of time improving your interior. But don’t forget there’s probably outside space to enhance too! A garden is an important aspect of a home and the exterior of a property is, of course, the first thing that visitors see. Judicious planting and pretty flowers will deliver the wow factor by day, but how do you create curb appeal after dark? Continue reading “How to Create Curb Appeal with Outdoor Lighting”

Principles of Landscape Lighting Design

Lighting offers huge potential for creating an amazing impact in your garden but it is crucial to plan carefully before investing in your exterior lights. The lighting effects should engage the viewer, highlight focal points and draw the eye through the landscape and so each light must be positioned wisely and provide the appropriate level of illumination. Here’s how to design a lighting scheme which will transform your garden after dark. Continue reading “Principles of Landscape Lighting Design”

Setting the Mood with Colour Change LED Bulbs

The idea that light influences the mood of a room is nothing new. Everything in a room is impacted by the light source. Whilst cool white light is fabulous in the morning to wake you up, warmer white light produces a relaxing mood for the evening. Until recently, you would have to change your bulbs if you wanted to alter the mood of your interior, or at the very least, select different bulbs for the various rooms in the house. But not anymore! Continue reading “Setting the Mood with Colour Change LED Bulbs”

Create an Opulent Look with a Stunning Chandelier

Contemporary design is often characterised by clean lines and simplicity, which are not qualities that you would associate with chandeliers. However, chandeliers do not have to be traditional in style and a touch of opulence doesn’t look out of place in even the most modern interior. Continue reading “Create an Opulent Look with a Stunning Chandelier”

Create a Stunning Focal Point With Lighting

Every interior and exterior space needs a focal point to draw the eye and to appear balanced. Without a focal point, a room or garden can appear dull and disordered and will certainly lack drama. Mirrors, sculptures, fireplaces and paintings can all provide great focal points, but have you ever stopped to consider the impact that can be created with lighting? Continue reading “Create a Stunning Focal Point With Lighting”

Why You Should Consider Outdoor Lighting

Create a Secure, Practical and Appealing Home with Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting is an important aspect of a home and yet one it’s one that is often neglected. Carefully chosen and strategically positioned light fittings will ensure that your garden is a safer and more secure place. Not to mention that if done correctly it’ll be the envy of all who see it. Let’s face it, any visitors won’t be able to see the garden at all in the evening unless it is suitably illuminated! Continue reading “Why You Should Consider Outdoor Lighting”

How to Choose Your Bathroom Lighting

Often the smallest room in the house and yet usually one of the busiest, your bathroom must be both a practical and a pleasing space. There are many factors which combine to create the perfect bathroom and clearly your choice of suite, tiles and brassware are important. But you should also give careful consideration to your lighting.

The right lighting will enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom and will also play a significant role in how practical the room is for you to use. Continue reading “How to Choose Your Bathroom Lighting”

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

A kitchen is often the hub of the home and as one of the most used rooms it is important to get your lighting right. Kitchens are not only used for cooking but for dining, catching up with friends over a cuppa, family activities and even occasional offices. So careful considerations on how to light your kitchen is key to getting the best out of your space. Continue reading “Kitchen Lighting Ideas”